Options to remedy bladder sling complications help Woodstock patients regain quality of life

Incontinence can be a major issue in the life of any woman. Since 1996, however, many have received care for this problem via bladder sling surgery. When conservative non-surgical remedies have been unsuccessful in putting a stop to urinary incontinence, the midurethral bladder sling can be a wonderful solution. Some patients treated with this method, however, have experienced complications such as erosion, painful intercourse, or persistent vaginal pain or leakage. For women in the area of Woodstock, Crystal Lake, Park City, and other suburbs around Chicago, Partners in Pelvic Health at North Shore Urogynecology is a wonderful resource for incontinence or mesh complications.

remedy bladder sling complications

Sling revisions

In many cases, Dr. Sanjay Gandhi has helped patients suffering the complications of a previously placed sling reduce or eliminate uncomfortable side effects due to complications. If you struggle with complications from mesh surgery or with urinary incontinence, we are happy to share with you the various treatments that may improve your situation. Call the office nearest you for a private consultation with our friendly, professional team.

When you consult with Dr. Gandhi regarding mesh complications, incontinence, or vaginal prolapse, you gain the benefit of extensive training and experience. Dr. Gandhi offers detailed information and guidance that facilitates a return to comfort and confidence. Sling revision is a procedure that our trained team performed on a routine basis. The level of care that we provide considers the unique needs of each patient and may include aspects such as:

  • Removal of existing mesh can be extremely tedious due to the nature of tissue growth around perforated fabric. If mesh must be removed, follow up care will be necessary;
  • Consideration of surgical or non-surgical alternatives takes place if removal is planned.
  • Replacement or repositioning of an existing sling may be possible if this secondary procedure takes place shortly after the initial insertion of the original sling.
  • Tissue repair may address structures such as the bowel and / or bladder as well as blood vessels that may have been severed by mesh erosion. If such complications or injuries are identified during surgery, appropriate correction is performed.

Bladder sling surgery, in many cases, can restore a woman’s confidence in living life to the fullest. This procedure, as well as removal or revision surgery, requires ample discussion, assessment, and planning. Contact your experienced urogynecology team in Lake Forest, Park City, or Woodstock for care designed around your anatomy and expectations.


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Sanjay Gandhi, M.D.

Sanjay Gandhi, M.D.
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Conditions affecting the female pelvis are the focus at Partners in Pelvic Health North Shore Urogynecology. We provide effective solutions for these problems from our offices at Park City, Woodstock, and Lake Forest in Illinois.

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