The muscles of the pelvic floor must be strong in order to function at their best. When these muscles are weakened, they can result in pelvic floor weakness. This can increase one’s risk for pelvic floor prolapse and urinary incontinence. These conditions can be addressed by working the muscles and improving their strength, allowing them to function at their best.

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Dr. Gandhi often suggests patients of all ages improve their vaginal muscle strength by regularly performing Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises are done by tightening and contracting muscles of the pelvic floor. These same muscles are used to stop and start urinary flow.

Kegels should be performed every day, preferably three times a day. Tightening these muscles and holding for 3 seconds, done 10 to 15 times per session, can improve the efficiency of a woman’s pelvic muscles and reduce problems associated with incontinence and pelvic floor prolapse. In some cases, Dr. Gandhi, of Partners in Pelvic Health North Shore Urogynecology, may suggest that patients also use biofeedback in conjunction with these exercises to ensure that they are completing them properly. Many women do not contract the right muscles, often feeling their lower abs, thighs, or buttocks tightening as well. These will not be experienced if Kegel exercises are properly performed.

When these pelvic muscles are worked regularly, they become stronger and function much better in controlling the bladder. Patients may also complete these exercises throughout pregnancy and after childbirth to ensure their vaginal muscles do not loosen. This can also affect sexual intercourse, making it less satisfying for the woman and more difficult to reach orgasm. With stronger vaginal muscles, women notice not only a reduction in their continence concerns, but also an improvement in their sex life.

If you are a woman who wants to learn more about properly exercising the pelvic muscles, contact Dr. Gandhi, of Partners in Pelvic Health North Shore Urogynecology. With three offices in the Illinois area, patients can find a location that is close and convenient for them. Call today to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Gandhi and learn more about the various pelvic floor exercises that can be done to control many pelvic health issues and concerns.

Sanjay Gandhi, M.D.

Sanjay Gandhi, M.D.
Partners in Pelvic Health North Shore Urogynecology

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