Favorable labiaplasty reviews support a woman’s reasons for seeking treatment in Park City

The genitalia are an important component to sexual relations in more ways than one. The more comfortable women have become discussing their bodies and their sexuality, the more physicians, psychologists, and other health professionals have come to recognize the various concerns women face.

labiaplasty reviews support a woman's reasons for seeking treatment

The labiaplasty procedure is one through which the size and shape of a woman’s external genitalia, the labia majora and labia minora, are altered. This surgical process is performed in a modern, accredited outpatient surgical facility under anesthesia. Patients return home within a few hours of treatment and receive post-operative care instructions from their physician. According to a study found in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, 97 percent of women who have undergone this procedure are very happy with their decision.

Each woman has personal reasons for seeking the labiaplasty procedure. Some may be physical or functional in nature and others may be more cosmetic.

Physical reasons for labiaplasty

One of the primary physical complaints expressed by women who seek labiaplasty has to do with too-large, too-long genitalia. The size of the external folds of skin can cause a great deal of physical discomfort during intercourse, and may also inhibit the full extent of stimulation. In some instances, both sets of folds are too large. For some women, however, the labia minor extend out beyond the labia majora. In either situation, sexual activity may be unsatisfactory and even painful. Additionally, certain clothing such as jeans or tight pants can cause discomfort as tissues are compressed. Reducing the size of the labia through a precise surgical procedure leads many women to improve comfort and quality of life.

Cosmetic reasons for labiaplasty

We live in an era where female genitalia has been increasingly exposed through print and in film. The result of this exposure has been an increased sense among both men and women of what looks “normal.” The woman who looks different than what she sees is at risk of feeling uncomfortable with her body. Some woman have had the unfortunate experience of hearing that they do not look normal by their own partner, leaving her feeling embarrassed and self-conscious, sometimes for years. The belief that genitalia are unattractive or abnormal can cause a significant loss in confidence that may greatly affect a woman’s sexual experiences. Like those who have had labiaplasty for physical reasons, women who have received treatment to improve the appearance of their genitalia have reported a great deal of satisfaction in their decision.

The reviews on this procedure can further a woman’s decision to consult with experienced physician Dr. Sanjay Gandhi. Partners in Pelvic Health has offices in Park City, Woodstock, and Lake Forest, IL. Contact us today.

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