Do mesh surgery removal physicians near Chicago and Woodstock advise removal in the asymptomatic patient?

mesh surgery removal physicians near Chicago and Woodstock

There is no doubt the vaginal mesh can become far more trouble than originally intended when placed for pelvic organ prolapse or some other problem. Due to the immense amount of negative press that women hear and read about vaginal mesh, millions live with the question of whether they should seek mesh removal surgery. Among the most specialized physicians for this issue, Dr. Sanjay Gandhi has treated many women from the Chicago area in his Woodstock, Park City, and Lake Forest offices.

At Partners in Pelvic Health at North Shore Urogynecology, we find the question about removal of vaginal mesh completely understandable. The answer to the question is not necessarily cut and dry. The recommendation for removal comes after careful evaluation and consideration of potential complications.

The issue with vaginal mesh removal is that mesh was not designed for removal. When inserted, the intention is for mesh to become surrounded by healthy natural tissue, encapsulated with nerves, tissue, and blood vessels. As such, the removal process must be handled with extreme caution and precision.

When there are no symptoms such as pain and inflammation, erosion or exposure, it is not likely that mesh removal would be a wise choice. As much as it may sound like every woman will experience ongoing pain because of mesh insertion, statistics show that only about ten percent of those treated with transvaginal mesh will suffer complications. If you are one of the 90 percent in whom vaginal mesh has produced no symptoms, you may consult with a urogynecologist such as Dr. Sanjay Gandhi for assessment and peace of mind, but will not likely be a candidate for mesh removal.

Risks of future health problems?

Many women worry that asymptomatic mesh may be causing problems that have yet to cause symptoms of toxicity. Because mesh is inert and woven, there are no toxins and there is no risk of the mesh breaking apart and entering the bloodstream. The main concern with mesh is that tissue grows abnormally through the weave; that the mesh will encroach on vessels and nerves of organs surrounding the insertion site.

If you have had vaginal mesh inserted and harbor concern about its effects, we encourage you to consult with Chicago area urogynecologist Dr. Sanjay Gandhi. We are happy to serve you in our Park City, Woodstock, or Lake Forest, IL office.

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