Lake Forest, IL area doctor provides vaginal mesh treatments and answers, is this method safe?

Vaginal Mesh Treatments Lake Forest IL

When patients are struggling with conditions such as pelvic organ prolapse, they may be dealing with a lifelong problem. This is why it is important for patients in the Lake Forest, IL area to visit North Shore Urogynecology to learn more about vaginal mesh treatments and what they can expect if they decide to choose surgical intervention. Many patients ask, is this method safer than the alternatives? Is it effective in controlling pelvic organ prolapse? Women with pelvic organ prolapse who have had vaginal mesh treatment years before may be experiencing complications, including: Pain Erosion Infection When these issues arise, … Continue reading

Transvaginal mesh removal may reduce various symptoms for women near Lake Forest, IL

Transvaginal mesh removal may reduce various symptoms for women

Various types of mesh implants have been used by surgeons for more than fifty years. When this type of implant entered the area of urogynecology several decades ago, women suffering the effects of pelvic organ prolapse were provided with a way to minimize the unpleasant side effects that had been affecting their quality of life. As time passed, however, the potential risk for complications from transvaginal mesh surgery became all too real. Today, patients from areas around Chicago, including Lake Forest, Woodstock, and more, can find the help they need to reduce the secondary symptoms of complications from mesh surgery. … Continue reading