What conditions can a gynecologist near me in the Park City area treat?

gynecologist near me in the Park City area

Women’s health needs differ from those of men, and change throughout the various stages of life. As such, women may discover that their best health care comes from an experienced urogynecologist. If you have wondered “is there a gynecologist near me who can handle my unique concerns?” you will be happy to know that Dr. Sanjay Gandhi, with offices in Park City, Lake Forest, and Woodstock, can provide solutions for your women’s health issues. Dr. Gandhi is more than a gynecologist who offers well woman care or basic procedures. At Partners in Pelvic Health North Shore Urogynecology, women from Chicago … Continue reading

Vagina surgery can repair the cost of childbirth on the body in Woodstock

Beautiful pregnant mother to be

Two primary purposes of the female anatomy are to facilitate childbirth and to provide sexual pleasure for both the female and the male partner. What many women experience after one or more vaginal deliveries, however, is a marked decrease in sexual pleasure. During pregnancy and childbirth, specifically, the female anatomy undergoes a dramatic change. However, the vagina may also change as a result of injury, age, congenital deformity, or a health condition. Changes that the female body goes through may cause atrophy of the tissues intended to support vaginal health. As a result, a woman may feel dissatisfied with the … Continue reading

Vagina surgery cost far from the most important consideration of surgery near Lake Forest

Vagina surgery cost Lake Forest

Many women who have experienced one or more vaginal deliveries feel as though their “mommy body” is something that they simply have to accept. Though there is a certain honor in having carried and delivered a child, problems such as stretch marks, sagging skin, and a vagina that seems to have lost its tightness can be distressing. At Partners in Pelvic Health at North Shore Urogynecology, we discuss the specifics of various vaginal concerns and provide details on treatments such as vaginal rejuvenation surgery. The more you know about vagina surgery, the more you may see that cost is only … Continue reading

Sanjay Gandhi, M.D.

Sanjay Gandhi, M.D.
Partners in Pelvic Health North Shore Urogynecology

Conditions affecting the female pelvis are the focus at Partners in Pelvic Health North Shore Urogynecology. We provide effective solutions for these problems from our offices at Park City, Woodstock, and Lake Forest in Illinois.

Our team is headed by Sanjay Gandhi, MD, Urogynecologist. Dr. Gandhi’s specialized education included a residency in gynecology and obstetrics at Northwestern University and a three-year urogynecology fellowship. He is among a few in the country to pass the first examination in Urogynecology and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery (URPS) of The American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. He also teaches healthcare students.