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Dr. Sanjay Gandhi of Partners in Pelvic Health works directly with women daily to provide the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic issues. One diagnosis that can make female patients feel self-conscious is that of urinary stress incontinence. Urinary stress incontinence, or SUI, is a condition that causes women to experience leakage of urine during participation of certain activities or when sneezing, coughing, or laughing. This condition is common among American women, often occurring with age. However, women who have had children or who are obese may also develop urinary stress incontinence. By getting a proper diagnosis with a doctor, women can find relief with treatment options.

Recent Diagnosis of Stress Incontinence in Lake Forest Area

How is urinary stress incontinence diagnosed?

Before women can work with their doctor to obtain treatment, they need to get a proper diagnosis first. This allows our team to then work with an individual to determine the best course of action to reduce or eliminate the problem. Diagnosis starts with an evaluation with Dr. Sanjay Gandhi. He will discuss with women their medical history, perform a urinary stress test, and may even test a urine sample to look for blood, infection, or other abnormalities that may be causing the symptoms. Additionally, a physical evaluation of the genitals and abdomen is performed to find the direct cause of the condition. Once a diagnosis of urinary stress incontinence is made, the doctor then discusses with the patient the best course of action for treatment. This will vary depending on the severity of the problem.

What treatment options are available for women with urinary stress incontinence?

Treatment for SUI may include:

  • Behavioral therapies
  • Prescription medications
  • Vaginal and urethral devices
  • Surgical intervention with sling placement

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What treatment option is right for me?

There is no “one size fits all” solution for women with SUI. In fact, getting a proper diagnosis is just the first part of a journey many women will take in finding the option best for their situation. The most conservative methods are considered first, such as Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles or bladder training. This may be done in conjunction with other options, such as the placement of vaginal and urethral devices. If patients do not find relief with any of these measures, they may want to ask their doctor about surgical interventions. Surgery can be invasive but can offer relief for individuals who have not found improvements with other methodologies. Dr. Sanjay Gandhi will advise women when surgery may be necessary to treat SUI once and for all finally!

Are you embarrassed about your urinary stress incontinence?

Women are encouraged to be open and honest with their medical providers about their condition so they can find relief! Dr. Sanjay Gandhi of Partners in Pelvic Health in Lake Forest, IL is pleased to offer the diagnosis and treatment of SUI for women in the community. Call (844) 327-1188 to speak to our friendly front office staff about scheduling a consultation and initial evaluation and get started taking charge of your life! We offer four convenient locations throughout the area of Illinois and accept new patients.

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