Vaginal atrophy treatment just got better thanks to Mona Lisa Touch

As an experienced urogynecologist in the Chicago area, Dr. Sanjay Gandhi is continually learning about new treatments and devices that will help his patients achieve better health and vitality. Partners in Pelvic Health North Shore Urogynecology is proud to be one of the few practices in which women seeking vaginal atrophy treatment can do so without the standard protocol. MonaLisa Touch brings something new to the table and women are raving about the results.

Vaginal atrophy treatment just got better thanks to Mona Lisa Touch

MonaLisa Touch is not a surgical treatment or pharmacological. The device used to treat vaginal atrophy meets patients’ needs with fractional CO2 laser energy. The concept is very similar to the various laser treatments used by dermatologists treating aging skin. CO2 laser treatment consists of a cluster of tiny dots of energy. These dots target tissues in the vaginal wall in short bursts of controlled energy. Due to the adjustable settings, Dr. Gandhi can precisely address the unique characteristics of tissues from person to person.

Where dots of energy make contact with tissue, a tiny wound occurs. This creates no discomfort for the patient due to the microscopic size of dots. Each dot is only about the diameter of a strand of hair. While very small, these micro-lesions elicit a strong new production of collagen in vaginal tissues.

Benefits of MonaLisa Touch

The revolutionary MonaLisa Touch CO2 laser treatment has experienced success around the world, providing women with a virtually painless alternative to surgery or HRT creams. Most patients begin to feel a noticeable improvement in their symptoms after their first treatment, with progressive improvement after the completion of the recommended series.

The regeneration of vaginal tissues to a more elastic state leads to a greater sense of fulfillment from sexual intercourse. The woman who can once again count on her body to lubricate properly feels more confident and more feminine.

As vaginal mucosa is provided with the support and nourishment needed to remain healthy, muscle tone may also improve, enabling a woman to experience healthier urinary function and a decreased risk of urinary tract infections.

Dr. Sanjay Gandhi has treated women from Park City, Woodstock, Lake Forest, the Chicago area, and more. With personal attention, your health concerns can be successfully addressed. Contact us today to schedule your consultation for vaginal rejuvenation.

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Sanjay Gandhi, M.D.

Sanjay Gandhi, M.D.
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