Vaginal mesh removal by your specialist in Woodstock may be a step-by-step process

Woodstock Vaginal mesh removal by your specialist

Transvaginal mesh implants were, for a few years, a widely used treatment for pelvic organ prolapse. An unfortunate effect of this wide usage has been that hundreds of women have experienced complications. The FDA reports that the most common complications include urinary problems, pain, infection, scarring, and the recurrence of the initial problem. Mesh, which is affixed permanently, can also erode or move onto the tissues and organs nearby.

Dr. Gandhi is an experienced urogynecologist who works with patients needing vaginal mesh removal. The process of removal in our Lake Forest, Park City, or Woodstock practice may be different for every patient due to the specific complication as well as the patient’s own response to revision or removal attempts.

There are several things that must be considered when revising or removing transvaginal mesh. Our priority is to improve the patient’s quality of life without putting her at risk for further complications. Because mesh tends to become entrenched in tissues, removal must be performed very carefully so as not to damage surrounding structures. This delicate process sometimes involves multiple procedures in order to accomplish the safest, most advantageous outcome.

Exploring treatment options

Surgery is typically one of the last considerations for complications with vaginal mesh implants. Treatment planning takes place with an in-depth understanding of symptoms, the type of mesh implanted, and potential risks. Some complications, such as the erosion of mesh, may respond well to non-surgical treatment and observation. This may be more common, however, in women who are not sexually active and have very little erosion.

The excision or revision of a vaginal mesh implant may be necessary in patients who do not respond to, or cannot complete non-surgical treatment options. Mesh revision is an outpatient procedure that takes immense attention to detail. After administering anesthetic, Dr. Gandhi very carefully removes as much as is safely possible. After the surgical procedure, vaginal estrogen may be applied to promote the healing of vaginal tissue.

The goal of vaginal mesh removal or revision is to reduce uncomfortable symptoms and restore a patient’s quality of life to a much better standard. Your urogynecologist has the training and skill to perform this type of surgery. During every step of the process, we monitor and converse with the patient so that a clear understanding of effectiveness is communicated.

We understand the stress involved with complications from vaginal mesh implants. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to answer your questions and schedule a private consultation with Dr. Gandhi. Contact us in Woodstock, Lake Forest, or Park City today.

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