Vaginal reconstruction in Park City tightens loose vaginal tissue for improved comfort and function

Just as any other health concern, vaginal health is paramount to a woman’s quality of life. In the pelvic region alone lie keys to reproduction as well as satisfying sexual performance. Should the extent of vaginal health be diminished due to childbirth, vaginal atrophy as a result of menopause, or any other reason, a woman may find herself suffering needlessly. At Partners in Pelvic Health, our expertise in vaginal reconstruction helps our patients from Park City and surrounding areas regain confidence and a higher quality of life.

Vaginal reconstruction in Park City tightens loose vaginal tissue

Vaginal changes

Vaginal tissues may change due to a number of factors. Across the board, however, there is the common thread that occurs with these changes: a loss of sexual pleasure and confidence. One of the primary complaints women have as a result of weakened tissues is a loss of vaginal tightness. This important factor in vaginal health is often the natural result of aging or vaginal childbirth.

Loose vaginal tissues and muscles may be noticed gradually. Many women feel the difference during intercourse or even during urination, but do not know how to remedy their concerns. The loss of structure in the vaginal opening and canal can lead to dissatisfaction during intercourse related to the loss of adequate stimulation. Both a woman and her partner may experience the effects of vaginal looseness. Vaginal reconstruction may sound complicated in nature, but this is actually a straightforward way to restore tone to weakened vaginal muscles.

Patients of Dr. Sanjay Gandhi receive outstanding care from our extensively trained team, serving Park City, Woodstock, and suburbs around Chicago. Using precision technique, Dr. Gandhi achieves results that bring about numerous benefits.

Vaginal reconstruction and tightening can revive a woman’s confidence in her sexual function and can enhance her satisfaction with herself and her performance. Additionally, however, patients may experience improvement in a problem they may not have noticed they had: stress urinary incontinence. The involuntary leakage of urine may occur so slightly that a woman does not realize how concerning this issue was until it is corrected with vaginal rejuvenation. Women with more significant incontinence immediately notice this improvement as it allows them to feel comfortable going out and engaging in activities they may have given up.

Vaginal reconstruction is a straightforward procedure that can lead you into your desired quality of life. Partners in Pelvic Health offers compassionate care in three offices in the Chicago area. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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Sanjay Gandhi, M.D.

Sanjay Gandhi, M.D.
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Conditions affecting the female pelvis are the focus at Partners in Pelvic Health North Shore Urogynecology. We provide effective solutions for these problems from our offices at Park City, Woodstock, and Lake Forest in Illinois.

Our team is headed by Sanjay Gandhi, MD, Urogynecologist. Dr. Gandhi’s specialized education included a residency in gynecology and obstetrics at Northwestern University and a three-year urogynecology fellowship. He is among a few in the country to pass the first examination in Urogynecology and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery (URPS) of The American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. He also teaches healthcare students.