Are there alternatives to vaginal tightening surgery near Woodstock?

Vaginal health is something that women are keenly aware of. There are numerous functions achieved by the vaginal tissues and muscles. When biochemical or physical changes occur in the vaginal canal, the resulting effects can significantly impact a woman’s quality of life. Vaginal tightening surgery performed by Dr. Sanjay Gandhi, who has offices near Woodstock, IL, offers a number of benefits.

alternatives to vaginal tightening surgery near Woodstock

Vaginal tightening surgery can be completed in our outpatient surgery center in just a few hours. After recovery from this procedure, a woman can feel more confident during physical activities and more satisfied with her sexual experiences. While Dr. Gandhi has extensive experience in the performance of surgical vaginal tightening, his patients may also benefit from non-surgical alternatives. At Partners in Pelvic Health at North Shore Urogynecology, you receive recommendations for care that are suited to your particular needs.

To treat conditions like painful intercourse or urinary incontinence associated with the breakdown of healthy vaginal tissues, our patients may consider the benefits of various alternatives.

Kegel exercises

Just as exercise facilitates toned muscles in the visible areas of the body, specific physical movements also benefit the tightness and functionality of the vagina. Kegel exercises have been recommended to women for decades. They seem very straightforward, but can be somewhat difficult to do. Our team discusses with patients how to perform Kegels correctly and, in some cases, may recommend biofeedback to confirm the proper performance of these pelvic floor exercises.

Electrical stimulation Electrical stimulation is non-surgical and can be quite effective at reducing pain and urgency associated with incontinence. Treatment involves the insertion of a small device into the vagina. This device emits very mild electrical current, which prompts the controlled contraction of specific muscles in the pelvic floor. Like Kegel exercises, electrical stimulation tones the muscles of the pelvic floor naturally.

Vaginal tightening is a treatment performed based on the unique needs of each individual patient. The key is to consult with your experienced physician to determine how to best improve your vaginal health. Partners in Pelvic Health has three conveniently located offices. Contact us today to schedule your visit.

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Sanjay Gandhi, M.D.

Sanjay Gandhi, M.D.
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