No need for pee-proof underwear for Chicago, IL area women with leaky bladder

If you are a woman who has a leaky bladder, you no longer have to rely on solutions such as pee-proof underwear! Woman in the area of Chicago, IL or the surrounding cities of Woodstock, Lake Forest, and Park City are encouraged to learn more about treatment for light bladder leakage available at Partners in Pelvic Health North Shore Urogynecology.

No need for pee-proof underwear for Chicago

Leaky bladder

Leaky bladder is also known as urinary incontinence. Dr. Sanjay Gandhi of Chicago, IL helps women who are experiencing incontinence. His treatment options can greatly change lives. Leaky bladder can be something many women don’t want to talk about, but at our practice, we offer discreet, comfortable services for a wide range of urogynecology-related concerns.

Treatment options

Instead of relying on incontinence pads or pee-proof underwear, our patients can seek effective treatment to avoid the problem altogether. There are several solutions including sling placement, Botox injections, medications to reduce bladder spasms, and even therapies such as Kegel exercises which can strengthen the walls of the vagina and reduce bladder leakage. Patients are encouraged to consult with Dr. Sanjay Gandhi to discuss which option is most appropriate for their needs based on the type of incontinence they are experiencing (stress, urge, etc.). Instead of relying on products such as pads or pee-proof underwear, women can now feel more confident and enjoy life-changing solutions. Help is just a phone call away for Chicago, IL area residents!

Schedule an appointment

Dr. Sanjay Gandhi and the team of Partners in Pelvic Health North Shore Urogynecology provide discreet services that can help when women are experiencing bladder leakage. We encourage women in the area of Chicago, IL to visit our office located at 218 South Wabash Avenue on the 4th floor for an appointment. Schedule today by calling (844) 327-1188 to learn more!

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Sanjay Gandhi, M.D.

Sanjay Gandhi, M.D.
Partners in Pelvic Health North Shore Urogynecology

Conditions affecting the female pelvis are the focus at Partners in Pelvic Health North Shore Urogynecology. We provide effective solutions for these problems from our offices at Park City, Woodstock, and Lake Forest in Illinois.

Our team is headed by Sanjay Gandhi, MD, Urogynecologist. Dr. Gandhi’s specialized education included a residency in gynecology and obstetrics at Northwestern University and a three-year urogynecology fellowship. He is among a few in the country to pass the first examination in Urogynecology and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery (URPS) of The American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. He also teaches healthcare students.