Doctor in Chicago, IL for urinary stress incontinence discusses treatment options

Doctor in Chicago, Il Area for Urinary Stress Incontinence Discusses Treatment Options

Do you find that you are avoiding certain physical activities because of bladder leakage? Are you embarrassed that you leak urine every time you laugh, cough, or sneeze? Have you been worried about leaking urine in certain social situations to the point where you avoid going out? If this sounds like you, it is important that you understand you are not alone! Dr. Sanjay Gandhi of Partners in Pelvic Health in Chicago, IL is committed to ensuring women have a discreet and confidential soundboard for issues such as this. Urinary stress incontinence, or SUI, is more common than women realize, … Continue reading

Have you received a recent diagnosis of stress incontinence? Learn more with a Lake Forest area doctor

Recent Diagnosis of Stress Incontinence in Lake Forest Area

Dr. Sanjay Gandhi of Partners in Pelvic Health works directly with women daily to provide the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic issues. One diagnosis that can make female patients feel self-conscious is that of urinary stress incontinence. Urinary stress incontinence, or SUI, is a condition that causes women to experience leakage of urine during participation of certain activities or when sneezing, coughing, or laughing. This condition is common among American women, often occurring with age. However, women who have had children or who are obese may also develop urinary stress incontinence. By getting a proper diagnosis with a doctor, women … Continue reading

Park City doctor describes the common and direct causes of urinary stress incontinence

In Park City Area Doctor Describes the Common and Direct Causes of Urinary Stress Incontinence

While women with urinary incontinence are often embarrassed about their condition, it is essential that they speak up with their medical provider. Why? Because urinary stress incontinence can be treated with the team of professionals at Partners in Pelvic Health in Park City, IL. Women struggling with bladder leakage can get a proper diagnosis with Dr. Sanjay Gandhi and his team to discuss effective treatment options. Our staff works hard to find the direct cause of the condition and speak about common treatments used to reduce or eliminate the problem. What is urinary stress incontinence? Urinary stress incontinence, sometimes referred … Continue reading

Lower abdominal pain causes and treatments explained by Lake Forest urogynecologist

Lower Abdominal Pain Causes and Treatments Explained by Dr. Gandhi in Lake Forest Il Area

Lower abdominal pain or pain in the pelvic area is very common in women and can have several causes. When pain strikes, it can be difficult to determine why it is happening and what to do about it. Below, Dr. Sanjay Gandhi, urogynecologist in Lake Forest, IL, explains common gynecological causes of lower abdominal and pelvic pain in women and the treatment options that are available. Common lower abdominal pain causes and treatments If you are experiencing pain in the area between your belly button and groin, it is likely related to one of the organs in the area. There … Continue reading

Treatment options for female urinary incontinence in Lake Forest, IL

Female Urinary Incontinence Treatment in Lake Forest area

Few things can be more embarrassing than suffering from urinary incontinence. At Partners in Pelvic Health in Lake Forest, IL, Dr. Sanjay Gandhi understands how much of an effect female urinary incontinence can have on your life and offers a variety of diagnostic tools and treatment options to help you get back to your daily life without the worry of accidents or leaks. Understanding incontinence Female urinary incontinence is a complex condition that can have many different causes and manifestations. It is typically caused by an underlying physical condition or follows a dramatic change in hormones, such as pregnancy, childbirth, … Continue reading

Chicago, IL Urogynecologist explains bladder infections and how to get rid of them

How to get rid of a bladder infection in Chicago, IL area

Bladder infections can be very painful and are something that should never be ignored. If you are in Chicago, IL area, you can turn to the team at Partners in Pelvic Health when you want to get rid of a bladder infection and stop the pain. Below, we’ll look at what a bladder infection is, common symptoms, and treatment options. What is a bladder infection? If you are urinating frequently accompanied by pain, burning, or stinging, you may have a bladder infection. Bladder infections are a type of urinary tract infection and are caused by bacteria that leads to inflammation … Continue reading

What is truSculpt? Non-surgical fat reduction technique explained by doctor in Lake Forest, IL

Feeling confident in your own body is an important part of your overall health and well-being. People who are happy with their appearance exude a radiance that is noticed by everyone, from strangers on the street to potential employers and romantic partners. If you lead a healthy lifestyle but have been struggling with stubborn pockets of fat, then truSculpt® may be a wonderful option for you to get the contoured body you want. Below, Dr. Sanjay Gandhi, board certified physician in Lake Forest, IL, explains what truSculpt is and how it can help you get the body of your dreams. … Continue reading

Treatment options for sexual dysfunction provided by a women’s health doctor in Chicago

Treatment Options for Sexual Dysfunction in Chicago area

While it can be uncomfortable to talk about, sexual dysfunction is a common condition that affects many women in the United States every year. The term “sexual dysfunction” covers a wide array of issues from yeast infections to painful sex that can affect not only your intimate relationship, but also your quality of life. Fortunately, there are effective treatment options for many of these issues that women face. At Partners in Pelvic Health in Chicago, IL, Dr. Sanjay Gandhi provides discreet, compassionate care and takes the time to find the true cause of your issues so that you can get … Continue reading

Lake Forest urogynecologist answers, “What is urinary incontinence?” and other frequently asked questions

What is Urinary Incontinence in Lake Forest area

Women of all ages can be affected by urinary incontinence. Even though this condition is extremely common, affecting up to one in ten women under the age of 65 and 35% of women ages 65 and older, it can be embarrassing and dramatically affect your quality of life. At Partners in Pelvic Health in Lake Forest, IL, Dr. Sanjay Gandhi works with you to understand what is causing incontinence issues and creates a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs. Here, Dr. Gandhi answers the question, “What is urinary incontinence?” and other frequently asked questions. What is urinary incontinence? Urinary … Continue reading

Understanding the symptoms of sexual problems in women in Lake Forest, IL

Discribe about Symptoms of Sexual Problems in Lake Forest area

For many women in the Lake Forest, IL, area, it can be difficult for them to talk to professionals about sexual problems. However, knowing the symptoms and understanding that you can seek assistance with your concerns is the first step in taking charge of your sexual health. Understanding sexual dysfunction and what it entails Sexual dysfunction refers to a condition that can affect any area of the sexual response cycle. This includes the four phases of: Excitement Plateau Orgasm Resolution Research continues to show that upwards of 40 percent of women have some degree of difficulty with one or more … Continue reading

Sanjay Gandhi, M.D.

Sanjay Gandhi, M.D.
Partners in Pelvic Health North Shore Urogynecology

Conditions affecting the female pelvis are the focus at Partners in Pelvic Health North Shore Urogynecology. We provide effective solutions for these problems from our offices at Park City, Woodstock, and Lake Forest in Illinois.

Our team is headed by Sanjay Gandhi, MD, Urogynecologist. Dr. Gandhi’s specialized education included a residency in gynecology and obstetrics at Northwestern University and a three-year urogynecology fellowship. He is among a few in the country to pass the first examination in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery (Urogynecology) of The American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. He also teaches healthcare students.