Although many patients may associate Botox with injections used to reduce lines and wrinkles on the face, Botox can be used for a number of other conditions including an overactive bladder or detrusor overactivity. Botox is FDA-approved for use in the bladder to relax the bladder muscle and treat urinary incontinence.

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Botox is a medication that can be injected into muscles to relax them. This medication is often used for cosmetic purposes, addressing wrinkles between the eyebrows. This reduces the contraction of the muscles during frowning, thus reducing the folds that occur on the face. The same is true for use for an overactive bladder. The detrusor bladder muscle is injected so it will not contract and cause involuntary loss of urine.

In addition to being incredibly effective in addressing an overactive bladder, Botox is a wonderful alternative to medications for pelvic pain and pelvic floor dysfunction. It can also be used in conjunction with alternatives to work together and provide an amazing, combined effectiveness for patients. Patients may find faster, more long-term results when using Botox compared to medications for an overactive bladder. Dr. Gandhi enjoys offering non-surgical treatments for conditions that patients may be struggling with in their day-to-day life, including incontinence.

This option can be determined as an effective solution after a thorough examination and discussion of the patient’s past medical history and concerns. The results of Botox are temporary, and this may not be the best long-term solution for many. Injections must be done every 9 to 12 months to maintain effectiveness. However, this may be a temporary solution for some while other treatments are considered and attempted to provide more stable, permanent results without the need for surgical procedures.

If you are interested in learning more about how Botox can address your pelvic floor pain and overactive bladder, contact our practice today to schedule a consultation appointment at our state-of-the-art urogynecologic facility at any one of our three convenient locations in Illinois.

Sanjay Gandhi, M.D.

Sanjay Gandhi, M.D.
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