What is pelvic rehabilitation beneficial for?

pelvic rehabilitation beneficial

No matter how disruptive pelvic issues may be, discussing symptoms and concerns can be just as distressing. Our area of specialty is devoted to giving women options when it comes to addressing problems with urinary or fecal incontinence, uncomfortable sexual intercourse, and other concerns. Rest assured that many of the problems associated with the pelvic area are treatable, if not curable.

What is pelvic rehabilitation?

Partners in Pelvic Health at North Shore Urogynecology have offices in Lake Forest, Park City, and Woodstock. Dr. Sanjay Gandhi and his team offer excellent, focused care with unparalleled understanding that pelvic issues can be embarrassing to talk about. Our practice offers several solutions to common problems. What differentiates pelvic rehabilitation from conventional medical therapies is the holistic approach to resolution.

Every person’s body is unique. In some instances, the complete correction of a specific health concern is best achieved through collaborative effort. Pelvic rehabilitation considers the intricate details of the patient, her specific health concerns, and her response to therapies. Dr. Gandhi teams with various other health care practitioners in the treatment of pelvic concerns when the patient prefers a gradual, medicine free treatment plan.

Within our office, we offer several non-surgical treatment options for conditions such as urinary incontinence. Our specialized physical therapists facilitate a return to optimal pelvic health by aiding patients through exercise demonstration and guidance. In some instances, biofeedback may be used to help us ensure exercises such as Kegels are being properly performed.

In addition to urinary incontinence, pelvic rehabilitation may be suitable for the treatment of:

  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Pelvic pain, such as Vulvodynia and Vaginismus

Physical therapy is just one way in which pelvic issues can be handled. We believe our patients deserve choices. Your body is your own temple. Our job is to present solutions to the pelvic health issues you face and help you navigate your road to recovery with gentle, effective care.

Problems with pelvic health can be extremely upsetting and embarrassing. You can feel comfortable discussing your concerns with our team, knowing we have the background and experience to design individualized care based on your unique needs. Contact us to schedule your consultation today.

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